Quality Management


and its continuous improvement are among the most important guidelines in our company.v We take care of both the high-quality operation of production and the implementation of entire projects, as well as the safety of employees, the environment and information. We ensure this with an integrated management system.

Quality control

Our goal is quality products and satisfied customers, so quality control is an important part of the production process, especially due to the great specificity of the products. Quality assurance is carried out in the production process through several phases, which include: input control, intermediate controls in the production process, and final product control.

Professional competence

In production, we include highly qualified contractors who have obtained certificates for welders and welding operators. Designers and constructors of process systems and equipment use 3D modelers in their work and are experts in dimensioning process catering equipment using classic methods. They are trained to prepare technical documentation for the production of neutral, cooling and thermal equipment.

The process automation team consists of engineers with many years of experience in the field of process management, with knowledge of various software tools and IT technologies for process management. They also master the areas of relevant regulations, recommendations and standards.