Full Service Aproach

High-performance kitchens reflect the seamless integration of user needs and top-quality equipment. The COOKINOX project team is highly qualified and experienced in the design of large systems, kitchens and other catering equipment in public institutions up to smaller bistro kitchens. With the desire to provide the user with an energy-efficient work environment and an optimized workflow, we try to help with more profitable work and greater customer and guest satisfaction.

When planning the layout of your professional kitchen and catering equipment, we consider available space, ergonomics, employee mobility and comfort, energy parameters and flexibility. The continuous connection with the culinary world helps us learn about the best practices of kitchen management, which are mapped into optimal projects during design. Thus, we offer you the best solution, regardless of the type and complexity of catering equipment.

We help our customers to do their work in accordance with green and sustainable work process trends, thereby reducing their carbon footprint and offering products that are created with greater efficiency, less consumption of water, consumables and energy.

Regardless of the size (or smallness) of your project, managing a professional kitchen and catering equipment can be challenging in terms of controlling time, labor and money spent. With our innovative solutions, we enable you to use them all efficiently.

We start cooperation with the client at an introductory meeting, where we discuss your requirements and wishes together. Based on all the data obtained, we start creating your new kitchen and catering equipment in accordance with all trends, but also of course legal restrictions and regulations. After combining your wishes and our suggestions, we get a complete picture and understanding of what you are looking for, in what time frame and at what price.

From here, we can create a detailed project plan, where cooperation with construction and installation contractors who perform work at your location is emphasized, so that the project manager, who is your main contact with us, gives you his opinions, suggestions and regulations in real time requirements at every important milestone in the construction or installation of your new kitchen.

After the successful design and selection of devices and equipment, which can be custom-made, it is time for installation. The expert team of installers and refrigeration technicians carry out the installation quickly and efficiently, the start-ups of the devices are carried out with special care, and they are also happy to teach you and your team about all important aspects of using the devices.

After handing over the key, we take care of you with regular and preventive services and immediately come to your aid in the event of any breakdowns, we also regularly supply you with consumables and cleaners for all devices and cleaning of the supplied equipment.

By leaving it to us to arrange everything necessary for the timely launch of your new kitchen, you have time to focus on your concept, team, dishes and all the other tasks you have when building or renovating a restaurant.

We believe that we are a trusted partner in creating a culinary experience that your guests will remember for a long time, and at the same time, they will be happy to return. Just like we want your team to be happy to come back to work in the kitchen we create with you.